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All Processes including subcontracted parts and services are subject to quality control at every stage of production and includes sub contracted items in accordance with our EN9001:2015 assessment. Acme spring was initially assessed to EN 9001:2000 by BSI, three months after installing the standard.

Our commitment to this quality standard was again demonstrated in 2018 when we transitioned to the 2015 standard after one assessment. Our inspection rigors have been developed over many years, inspection levels are based on experience and customer specification.

Typically, product is inspected every 30 minutes or 400 pieces, which ever is the lesser amount. We use digital inspection measuring equipment and digital load testing machines, which are regularly checked and calibrated, with records traceable to UKAS.

We are equally proud of the results of our various performance measures.

Our OTIF fugures regularly show 98% with 100% the ultimate target.

P.P.M.: Below 1%



The Acme Spring Co. Ltd is committed to the provision of quality products, which meet and where possible exceed our customer’s expectations.

The objectives of Acme Spring Co. Ltd are the delivery of products which meet these customer requirements and the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.2015 International Quality System Standard.

The purpose of our QMS is to ensure that the system is appropriately documented and that our customers continue to be satisfied with our products and services.

Our QMS is monitored by the management review system and we will ensure the continuing compliance and effectiveness of our QMS with internal and external quality reviews.

Our colleagues are made aware that conformance to the QMS is mandatory as laid down in our QMS.

The achievement of quality and continuing improvement are fundamental to all activities carried out bt The Acme Spring Co. Ltd and will be practised by our colleagues as an important part of their daily work.

Whatever your requirements are please send a sketch or drawing and we will offer a speedy quote. If you would like to find out more about how we can help during the design stage, sampling or prototyping processes or if you simply need help in specifying the type of spring, pressing or spring clip you need, please don’t hesitate to call our team. For drawings and sketches please send via contact page.